Potential location

by Marc ~ January 15, 2009

It happened sooner than I would have liked, but yesterday I saw a space that would be very suitable. It’s the top floor of a warehouse that, when fully refurbished, will have about 400 square metres of space. There’s a lot that needs to happen first – mostly getting more potential members lined up and a few investors interested – so I’ve had to launch this site a lot sooner than I expected.

If anything on the site doesn’t work then let me know, but please feel free to start sending links to anyone that you know that may be interested in following our progress, becoming a member or even discussing helping to fund the project.

Coworking Your Way to Success

by Marc ~ January 15, 2009

Just found this nice post that summarises the idea behind coworking, particularly from the point of view of a self-employed professional.

Marketing Melodie : Coworking Your Way to Success


by Marc ~ January 9, 2009

With a little bit of luck this may be the first post of something pretty exciting. For several months I have been dreaming of setting up a shared workspace, or what I now know is more commonly known as a “coworking” location. I’ve been talking to a lot of people and think I have enough early interest to move to the next stage, including the following:

  • setting up this site as a place for people to gather and share ideas;
  • start looking at properties to better understand what is available and at what cost; and
  • start work on a financial model so I can get input from other people and build on my initial ideas.

I have set up a forum which I will build on over coming days.  Registrations will then be open to anyone that wants to take part in the discussion.

Finally, I will start promoting this site on the Coworking Wiki and Coworking Google group, and also ask friends to help spread the word.  It may die off and lead to nothing.  Or enough people might share my vision and we could be running our own workspace within a few months.

Let the fun begin.