An increasing number of people are choosing to leave corporate life and have a go at setting up their own business.  Others have always preferred this way of working.  The normal thing to do is work from home for a while, then possibly move into a small office space or serviced office.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each option, however many people see the disadvantages outweighing the advanatages in both cases:

Working from home


  • cheap, if not free
  • can be quiet if no one else is home


  • can be regarded by some (of most concern, potential clients) as unprofessional
  • involves no interaction with other people
  • can be hard for all but the most disciplined people to switch into “work mode” and stay there for long periods
  • there may also be distractions such as family, or even just the TV!

Serviced office


  • quiet
  • professional


  • expensive!
  • can be just as lonely as working from home
  • it’s often too easy to find excuses to work from home, so you get the worst of working from home while paying for an expensive, yet often empty, office

In recent years there has been a growing movement of people choosing a different option: coworking.  There are various models for coworking, from sharing someone’s lounge room one day a month all the way up to professionally run shared workspaces.

I have no doubt this will be a rapidly increasing trend, and I have in mind a vision for a certain type of shared workspace.  This website has been set up to share my vision with others, and to bring together people that share my vision.  If I can find a suitable number of people that are interested in participating in this project, it could be a reality as early as the first quarter of 2009.

Continue reading the vision to learn more about the type of space I have in mind.  I will also be adding more pages with ideas on how this could be structured, etc.

There is also a blog where I will provide more timely news on the project, and a forum for people to add their ideas into the mix.  There are a list of links on the main pages where I will continue adding links to other shared workspaces, photo galleries showing interesting offices and online communities involved in the coworking movement.

I have added a membership page showing a financial model that anyone can edit to see how this might work, and suggestions for membership categories.  There are just to get the discussion started and will likely change significantly over time, so don’t let these ideas turn you off if they are not what you were hoping for.

If you are even mildly interested in being part of, or just following this project, then sign-up in the forum and post to register your interest. You can link to your business’ website, so at worst it’s some free advertising!  Also, please tell anyone else that you think might be interested.

Finally, if you want to know who I am then visit Marc Harrison Business Consulting.

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