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New forum posts

February 16, 2009

There hasn’t been too much to report lately.  I’m still discussing a potential location with an agent, and obviously still working on spreading the word about the idea.  I’ve also made quite a few changes to the financial model based on feedback from friends.
I have also been adding posts to the forum as I have [...]

Spreading the word

January 17, 2009

I’ve added links to our site to the Coworking Wiki and posted about us in the Coworking Google Group. I’m also starting to get the word out via my networks. Hopefully we can find a few more people in the next week or so to help me spread the word, and if that [...]


January 9, 2009

With a little bit of luck this may be the first post of something pretty exciting. For several months I have been dreaming of setting up a shared workspace, or what I now know is more commonly known as a “coworking” location. I’ve been talking to a lot of people and think I [...]